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Reiki 1 Training

When: Wednesday June 5th 6-9pm

Wednesday June 12th 6-9pm

Wednesday June 19th 6-9pm

Price: $275

What to bring: Water, Snacks, Journal & Pen for notes


This training includes: 

  • Detailed course manual

  • History of Reiki

  • 4 Reiki Attunements

  • How to provide Reiki healing for yourself and others

  • Reiki for plants and animals


This is an in person Reiki I Training conducted through course materials, meditation journey's and Reiki attunements. Receiving the attunements opens and strengthens your channel for the flow of life force energy. Reiki level 1 is a great way to learn to care for and nurture your own energetic body. In this course you learn about grounding, protection and receiving spiritual guidance. Upon completion you will be a Reiki I Practitioner. No experience necessary. 

Shamanic Healing Training
for Reiki Practitioners

Level 1- Friday Feb 2nd  6-8pm

Saturday Feb 3rd 10am-2pm

Sunday Feb 4th 10am-2pm

Price: $333

Level 2- March 8th 6-8pm

Saturday March 9th 10am-2pm

Sunday March 10th 10am-2pm

Price: $444

Master Training-Students may enter the year long training/ journey through the medicine wheel at the beginning of each season marked by the Equinox or Solstice after completing both level 1 & 2 Foundations.

Shamanic Foundations.png

  Beginning with Level 1, students will learn to use shamanic practices in a Reiki practice.  We explore the elements, grounding techniques and journeywork to strengthen the ability to connect and bring healing and balance to the energy body.

In Level 2, we explore journeywork to  explore one's inner world, the use of crystals, animals and direction in relation to healing.

At Master level, we commit to one full year of shamanic journeywork as exploration and discovery.

Reiki 11 Training

When:  Saturday  March 23rd 11am-3:30pm 

Sunday March 24th 11am-3:30pm

Price: $300

What to bring: Water, Snacks, Journal & Pen for notes


This training is for anyone Reiki I Practitioners looking to deepen their Reiki Practice. ✨

Training includes:

  • Detailed course manual

  • Learn Reiki Symbols

  • Distance Reiki

  • Inner Child Healing

We will explore many Reiki healing techniques, learn the Reiki Symbols and their relationship to your healing practice. We will discover techniques for sending Reiki to the Past & Future as well as Inner Child Healing Sessions

Reiki Master Teacher Training

When: Friday March 15th  6-8pm

Saturday  March 16th  1:00-5:30pm

Sunday March 17th 1:00-5:30pm

Price: $800

What to bring: Water, Snacks, Journal & Pen for notes

the human aura discovered by MOVED on We

This training includes: 

  • Detailed course manual

  • Review of Fundamentals

  • Exploration of Advanced Technique

  • Instruction on how to create Reiki classes and how to attune others.


This is a 3 day small group, in person  course, practice & attunements. This  course is for those who have already been attuned to Reiki Level II for at least 1 year.  We will explore many advanced  Reiki healing techniques with respect to your unique practice.  You will learn about and begin to use the Reiki Master symbol as well as symbols used in the attunement process.  You will be given the information and ability to attune others as Reiki practitioners.

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