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Meet Erin

I have been on a journey of healing and self-discovery since receiving a mysterious health diagnosis.  My path began to unfold with the practice of meditation.  As I learned to listen to my inner guidance led me to receive then learn Reiki.  When I began to practice, my voice became a tool for relaxation as well as intuitive guidance, aligning me to the gift of hypnotherapy.  I believe that healing requires us to listen to the deepest parts of our being, including the subconscious.  I love helping people discover and align with themselves on a soul level through a combination of all of these modalities.  I have been offering private healing sessions and trainings full time for over 7 years and am love serving our Sacred Space community.

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Meet Kyra

 I began my healing journey at the age of 15 when I tried my first yoga class. Growing up I was very hypersensitive it was normal for me to always feel anxious and overstimulated. Those two minutes of savasana brought a sense of peace I didn't know I could access. The more I practiced the more this feeling would linger and I began to use the breathing techniques I learned in class throughout my day to day life. I couldn't help but wonder why something as simple as knowing how to breathe deeply wasn't common knowledge. I became passionate about learning more about Yoga and knew I wanted to share this with others. I began the process of becoming a yoga teacher at 18 years old and through teaching I became introduced to other healing modalities such as reiki and TRE(Trauma Releasing Exercises). I combine the knowledge of every one of my trainings I have done to guide people back into full body presence, restore their nervous system and give them the tools to tap into their body's natural intelligence and truly heal from within.

Follow Kyra on Instagram @conscious.embodiment

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