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*All sessions are available in person or online*



Soul Guided Healing Session

A soul guided healing session is an in depth transformative healing that incorporates 

  • Reiki 

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Hypnotherapy 

  • Sound Healing

*Can include past life regression

These sessions are intuitively guided based on what energy and intent arises in our discussion. 

This unique combination of modalities allows us to discover blocks or subconscious belief systems that trigger emotional responses to our environment and circumstances. Most sessions result in powerful discovery, a shift in energy and emotion, and provide lasting change around an issue. 

2 hour session - $250


Hypnotherapy Session

A hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy-Reiki session is a healing that helps discover and resolve subconscious blocks, fears, phobias, and self sabotage. It addresses the mental level of our being and can bring tremendous insight and awareness to ingrained patterns of thought and behavior.

These sessions are intuitively guided based on our discussion at the start of the session. 

Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Reiki are both 90 minute sessions- $200



InBodyment Session

A unique intuitively led blend of experiences including:

  • Breath-work 

  • Gentle Yoga / Embodiment Exercises

  • Reiki

  • Sound healing 

  • Neurogenic Tremoring(Trauma Releasing Modality)


Neurogenic Tremoring is a natural shaking response in the body activated through gentle yoga that releases any built up tension/trauma in the body. Similar to when an animal or child instantly shakes after after being scared, this is a response that we all naturally have that we tend to repress at we get older for fear of being seen as weak or out of control.  When we don’t allow for this shaking response in the body to happen we resist our bodies natural instinct to heal, stored this tension and trauma in the body, and begin to operate as if were still in a place of danger. When we can allow for this natural shaking response in a safe comfortable environment we can then activate a release of tension and trauma and tap back into a sense of safety within ourselves.


Combined with all of the other healing modalities above this session allows for:

  • A reset of the nervous system

  • Integration of full embodied presence 

  • A release of tension and trauma

  • Activation of the body’s innate wisdom 

90 min session -$150

Package of 4 - $550 ($50 off)

Package of 6 - $825($75 off)

Package of 8 - $1,100($100 off)

Email to buy packages*

Reiki Healing Session

A gentle energy radiating from palms to body, tapping into universal wisdom, angels, guides and light beings to allow for healing on all levels of your being. Guiding you to attune to this healing frequency and tap into your own capacity to heal. Reiki allows you to release anything that no longer resonates or is no longer yours to carry while also calling back any lost parts of yourself. Each session is unique to each person based on your own energetic frequency. 

60 min - $125

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