Workshops and Events

Lion's Gate Activation/New Moon Healing

Dates: Sunday, August 8
Time: 7pm
Location: Sacred Space, 206 N. Coast Hwy #308, Oceanside, California
Price: $55

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The Lion's Gate Portal happens each year, reaching its height on 8/8.  As Sirius and the Sun align a powerful gateway between spiritual and physical opens, allowing for: heightened consciousness, activation of spiritual gifts, and manifestation.
This year, this supercharged event also aligns with the New Moon in Leo creating a powerful NEW BEGINNING energy.
Join us for a gathering of intention, healing, sound and reflection.

Full Moon Sound Bath

Dates: Sunday, August 22nd
Time: 6-7:30pm
Location: Sacred Space, 206 N. Coast Hwy #308, Oceanside, California
Price: $30


Immerse yourself in the healing vibration of the quartz crystal sound bowls and gong while Erin guides you into a deep meditative state. The full moon allows for a period of release, completing the end of a lunar cycle. The full moon also can bring up deep emotion and amplify our intuition, this creates an optimal time for deep healing, clearing your auric field and recharging your energy. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothes and brings props such as a pillow or blanket to support the body

Past Life Regression

Dates: Wednesday, August 25th
Time: 6-7:30pm
Location: Sacred Space, 206 N. Coast Hwy #308, Oceanside, California
Price: $30


A 90 minute Past Life Regression journey.
In this small group, in-person past life exploration, we will discover past life information regarding karmic relationships, lessons, blocks or spiritual gifts.  In this deep meditative experience you can uncover Past Life information that will assist you in understanding the karmic influences that affect you present day.

In-Bodyment Program

Date: TBD

Location: Sacred Space, 206 N. Coast Hwy #308, Oceanside, California

Price: $222


-5 consecutive small group classes that consist of Yoga, Reiki, Tremoring, Sound Healing. *Includes 1 personal Reiki Session*

This three week program is Designed to guide you to:

-Integrate full body presence

-Reclaim lost parts of yourself

-Heal and tune into your relationship with your body 

-Restore your nervous system

Our bodies carry immense intelligence and wisdom, it can be common to drift away from this intelligence when we experience Trauma or different conditions & patterns growing up. Trauma can dysregulate your nervous system, shut down the connection to your body and can bring you into living life from the neck up. This is what can cause us to feel stagnant or a victim of our past, the body holds on to the trauma or patterns that we experience. In this program we will activate a tremor response that allows you to release tension and stored trauma from the body. Tremoring is a very primal healing response, similar to when an animal instantly shakes after being scared. You may have experienced this shaking before through nervousness before a big speech, after a car accident, or anything sudden or traumatic. When we repress this shaking, the adrenaline built up in the body has nowhere to be discharged. This can cause us to hold muscular tension in the body, keep us in a prolonged state of fight or flight, or make us feel caught in a cycle of the trauma we've experienced. We'll access this response in a subtle way through gentle movement and yoga. These classes will provide you with the tools to allow you to operate from a grounded state, connect deeply with others, & move through emotions with ease without feeling stuck in them.